Upcoming Workshops

Workshop schedule for 2019 will be released in January! Sign up early as each only allows for 12 students!

The Client Process.png

THe Client Process

Ever wonder what to do with those leads that come in?  OR wonder how to get those leads first and then what do you do to book them!  Learn a little more about the funnel process from getting leads to booking clients. This workshop is designed to answer all those questions!

Pricing Your Wedding Business.png

pricing your services

Ever wonder what hybrid pricing is and how it could apply to you and your business?  Not sure if you are pricing your business correctly?  In this workshop we will go through your current pricing process and see if any of the other pricing methods would benefit you more.

Designing Events.png

Designing Events

Unsure of how to start designing events? Where do you get the decor? How do you keep your brides from ordering chair covers? Why do you need a floor plan? This workshop is designed to walk you through designing one full event!  Yes you'll even get home work in this class!

adding revenue

Want to add an extra couple of hundred dollars to each event? Not just by increasing your service fee?  We'll go through some of those pieces to help you bring in more money per wedding with the same or less amount of work!  If you have an ABC membership...you should know a few of these!

Writing Design Proposals.png

writing design proposals

Want to learn how to write your own design proposal? I will walk you through one from start to finish that you can use at a current or future event.  We'll also go through the presentation process to your client and how to get them to understand the magic you've created.