Services For Wedding Planners

Want to just do day of but you keep getting full plan brides?  Let us help! We have different levels of service to offer you.  We know most planners work full time jobs and having someone "behind the scenes" could help you service more clients!

Design Proposals

Don't do design or logistics?  This is our speciality.  We work with wedding and event planners to design and provide decor & design for your clients and set up and removal for you.  We can work directly with you or with the clients - the choice is yours.  Ask for more details and see how we can help you take your business to the next level!

Pricing Structure

Instead of taking the workshop we can work with you one on one and work through your planning packages / pricing program and see how we can help you improve the explanation and pricing of your planning programs.  We know you need to make money and we know the client needs to understand clearly what you will provide.

Style Shoots

We want to work hand in hand with wedding planners/coordinators to do style shoots!  We design and supply and you coordinate and plan!  Be sure to join our Facebook Group for details!

Materials Review

Unsure of your marketing materials?  Want a little advice on how to better them or what systems or services you could use to make sure your brand sticks out.  Ask! I'll go over every peice that you have, including your website and give you suggestions and a full report of what is great and what may not be so great!


Need a little one on one?  We can do that for you.  We can meet at your office or out for coffee and discuss your business and some ways to do things or we can discuss a particular wedding or event and provide our expertise and years of education to help you move forward with your business or clients. We want to help you succeed.

Website creation

Not sure how to build a great looking website?  Over the years we've built quite a few - from scratch and templates.  For those of you that are new we can help you build yours and then teach you how to manage it!

Process Consultation

This is a 2 hour long consultation on your process, from getting a lead in to booking or the actual planning of a wedding process.  Are you maximizing your money making ability? We will provide you with pages to add to your company handbook!  Don't have one - let's get that started today! Let’s see what your current process is and update it!

Shadow A wedding

We get lots of requests for shadowing one of our weddings and we don't mind - but we want it to be a learning experience for you, not just watching us run around.  During some of our events we can take the time to show you why or how we do the things we do so you can apply them to your own clients. We meet before and after the event!

VIrtual Mentoring.png

virtual mentoring

Can’t do the face to face mentoring? Or want more one on one? Virtual mentoring is from the comfort of your own home and can be more personalized to fit your situation.