Supporting Wedding Planners in business and in life and to direct them in a way to succeed in what ever path they may choose.


Wedding planners are important to each and every wedding. It is our job as professionals - not vendors - to make sure that it is known throughout our industry.

Part of that comes from education, persistance and most of all support for your business. Behind The Wedding Business has been created to help up and coming wedding planners spread their wings and have the support and knowledge that they need to run a successful business.

Not only do we help you with tasks and education but we assist you with life, the way that you live has a huge impact on your business.

“Teaching new planners and brides to be the value of the wedding industry is a necessity for our future.”
— Veronica Foster

Our Services

Our services are based on your needs and the needs of your company and your client. We don’t have set prices we work within your budget and timeline to make sure that you have a profitable business. 

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Speaking Engagements

Veronica loves to do live workshops and speaking engagments for up and coming wedding planners. She passes on knowledge and resources to spin the minds of your group!

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Weekly Dispatches

Short blog posts are made each week to inspire and inform wedding planners of things going on, things they may be missing and sometimes super funny stories from Veronica’s own weddings.

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Mentoring Program

Need a mentor to assist, answer questions and walk you through things some times? We do more than just mentor for weddings, we mentor for life!


We take the stress out of doing it all yourself. Sometimes your business is in that in-between stage, we can get you through.

— Veronica Foster